About 3C-Laundry

Who Are We?

Laundry, the word itself sounds daunting, process of sorting, washing, drying while maintaining a hectic schedule can take a toll on a person. Well, not anymore, with 3CL leave us the laundry process while you have fun wearing clean clothes. Pioneers in the laundry business with a team that combines years of experience in laundry and technology. This fusion of laundry and technology expertise led us to believe that now is the time for LaaS.

What do We Do?

Nobody likes dirty clothes, and we share your thought of wearing crisp, clean clothes, while having them laundered at your comfort. In fact, that is our motto, clean, consistent and comfortable service. We do laundry, dry cleaning and other misc cleaning services in Hyderabad. Soiled clothes to curtains we do them all.

Whatever your choice might be, we rigorously follow the cycle.

Our process is as follows, consistent every time

(Pick up/Sort and Inspect/Spot treat if necessary/Wash/Iron/Quality Check/Premium Pack/Deliver)

Premium Laundry Service

At 3CL every cloth is precious to us. Every garment under goes the same exhaustive seven step process of Sort, Inspect, Wash, Dry, Inspect, Package, Deliver. Sorting is such an important process, for every garment piece is unique we keep this in mind while we sort and inspect each piece according to the type of fabric. Pre-wash process also includes any heavy stain removal if applicable. Wash, World renowned washers.

Machines made with German collaboration take care of the wash Process with eco-friendly solvents and maximum care. Drying, Advanced machines, Axial drying process keeps clothes in their original colour and shape.

Steam Ironing

Steam Iron, non-invasive heat steam ironing process preserves the natural texture of the clothe while pressing the clothes evenly.

Inspection our QC process forms the core of the services because we understand the emotional value a piece of garment and what it means to you. Thoroughly inspected and packaged, your clothes are ready to be delivered from our care to your wardrobe

Quality Laundry Services with
Free Pickup & Delivery
(Minimum Order Quantity 5KG.
Please call for more details)

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