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Specify the type of care you want laundry/Premium Laundry/Starch and Iron/Spot treat and Laundry/Stain removal and Laundry, you name it we have it, we are your local Dhobi innovated as laundry service.Right from your doorstep pick up, till the fabric is back delivered, we take all necessary pre-caution as we understand the emotional value some clothes have for you. Rest assured you can have peace of mind knowing that your fabric will be crisp and clean once laundry is done and your clothes are delivered. Usage of Machines that are made with German collaboration and detergents that are specialized for earth friendly laundry means your fabric will last longer since no harsh chemicals are used in laundry service and dry clean service.

Quality Laundry Services with
Free Pickup & Delivery
(Minimum Order Quantity 5KG.
Please call for more details)

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